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Since the 1950s Russ Doughten has been instrumental in the creation of award-winning evangelistic movies. Since 1972, through companies like Heartland Productions, Mark IV Pictures, and now Russ Doughten Films, he has been involved in the vision, writing, production, direction and distribution of dramatic feature length films. Russ Doughten Films now has 24 such films in distribution most are available in DVD. All are created to reach their viewers with a better understanding of the life and purpose of Jesus Christ, and to encourage them to repent of their sins, receive His forgiveness and His gift of Eternal Life.



Russ Doughten Films is digitally re-mastering our entire catalog of movies in the DVD format. We have currently completed 14 DVD movie products for your use in evangelism and entertainment. DVD formatting allows wonderful extra feature tracks, including: three languages (English, Spanish and Portuguese), a Producer/Director track, actor interviews, an evangelism track for those who wish to receive Jesus, and a track previewing our entire product line.

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The purpose of all that we do at Russ Doughten Films is to tell people about Jesus Christ and how every person on earth can have eternal life with the living God. If you have questions about Jesus Christ, God, Christian living, eternal life, or if you have specific prayer requests, please visit the Spiritual Help page. We hope you enjoy our web site and invite you to share this and all of Gods blessings in your life with others.

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The movies in Russ Doughten Films catalog are all entertaining feature length dramas. These award-winning films include four of the most widely worldwide acclaimed end-times films ever produced the A THIEF IN THE NIGHT series. God has used their evangelistic impact to bring millions to Jesus. The movies and products of our entire catalog are available for purchase online. Click the link below to view the entire selection.

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